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Each of the four bungalows is different. Summerville with an air of a country cottage, Castlereagh with an eclectic style of its own, the high colonial Tientsin; one of the first planter's residences to be built in Ceylon and the more modern Norwood; abounding with 60's character. Summerville and Castlereagh are situated opposite each other on the shores of the Castlereagh lake, Norwood is at the other end of the valley about 15 minutes away by car and Tientsin is about 30 minutes away in the next valley.

Each house comes with its own manager, chef, butler and houseboys and from 4 to 6 luxurious Master Suites, Garden Suites and Luxury Rooms. You can book a room or the entire bungalow.

Follow the Tea Trail from one unique bungalow to the next, staying a night or two at each or just laze in one. Trek and picnic at spectacular locations each day in cool comfort. These four bungalows realise your dreams in a "non-hotel" atmosphere. Heritage with a contemporary style is the hallmark of the Tea Trails experience.
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Norwood Bungalow Built 1890 Rebuilt 1940, Altitude 4300 ft.
Master Suite Hazel
Garden Suites Irvine
Luxury Rooms Trevaldwyn (Twin Room) Jeffery
Swimming Pool
Summer House
Garden Dining
Summerville Bungalow Built 1923, Altitude 4000 ft.
Master Suite Shuttleworth
Garden Suites Garnet
Luxury RoomMiddleton (Twin Room)
Summer House
Sunbathing Deck
Garden Dining
Castlereagh Bungalow Built 1925, Altitude 4025 ft.
Garden Suites Baker Alston Palmer
Luxury Rooms Jamieson (Twin Room) Tate
Swimming Pool
Summer Houses
Garden Dining
Tientsin Bungalow Built 1888, Altitude 4600 ft.
Master Suite Irvine Stewart
Garden Suites Bretherton Moir Fraser (Double bed)
Luxury Rooms Brebham Meares (this will be a twin luxury room from 01st March 2012 onwards)
Swimming Pool
Tennis court
Garden dining

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